The past 20 years have seen marketing professionals focus more on the rational aspects of brand strategy. This focus was often supported by planning models such as Strategy Maps, Brand Bulls Eyes, Brand Ladders, etc. Whilst these models assisted in building great brands in the past, rapid changes in recent times in our understanding of how the human mind makes buying decisions, declining brand affinity, media fragmentation and the decline of the broadcast ad model are demanding more from the modern marketing professional.

Johan Bolt Strategy has been at the leading edge of new age marketing thinking, applying learnings from neuroscience and related disciplines such as psychology and sociology to today’s brand value propositions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help marketers design
strong brands with the power of emotion.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give brand marketers more control
over consumer and customer buying behaviour.

Our Values

  • We exist for the success of our client’s brands
  • We empathize with the unique challenges of brand marketers
  • We value curiosity and passion for learning
  • We encourage challenging convention with new insights
  • We harness the power of emotion in building strong brands

Looking to build a better brand ?

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